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Cause you make my dreams come true.

graphics and random stuff journal


Just Your Ordinary Girl

22 years old young. Filipina. icon/graphics maker. geeky.
blogcrew addict. wannabe photographer.
laid-back. corny/funny-whichever.
adores bloody-red. had become immune to cidex-sniffing.
hardworking-ahem. solitary.
obsessive-compulsive. sarcastic. rabid fangirl.

life is spent on coffee, music, books, cinema,
video games, ipod, fangirling, gimmiks and family.

I have various fandoms: gokusen. rorouni kenshin. ranma 1/2. skip beat. vampire knight. hana yori dango. hana kimi ~ikemen paradise~. nobuta wo produce. lovely complex. hotaru hikaru. nodame cantabile. anego. twilight. house MD. chuck. smallville. veronica mars. prison break. supernatural. heroes. pushing daisies. true blood. sookie stackhouse novels.

I tend to get obsessive with bishounens.
Cos seriously, they make you happy ♥
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kindness at a time.